Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trip Magnets

When Shannon asked we what I wanted to swap for this event, my first thought was magnets. I love collecting magnets from the places my family has visited or had been assigned while in the Air Force. And even though our kitchens have changed from our many moves, the magnets always seem to begin a conversation that starts off with "remember when we..." And yes, they are on my frig door.
I knew this new idea would also push everyone's creative buttons. And I am looking forward to what everyone has to done with their ideas and creative energy. I decided to make a magnet that reflected me. I love dragonflies and summer! And when I look at my magnet, it will remind me of summer when a lot of friends, familiar and new, came to Ohio to play.
Ingredients -
Imagine cartridge - Lori's Garden
Home Decor cartridge - dragonfly 3.0
Lilly pad cut from basic shapes from the Imagine
Glossy Accents and pop dots


  1. Your magnets are gorgeous! How did I not know you had a blog?? I must not have been paying attention! I just love it. I have to peek at all the projects!

  2. Love your magnets! They are so super pretty! Great Job!
    Can't wait until next week!


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